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The Latest Advancements from Benz-Micro

New output levels - ideally match with today's best phono preamps. LOW OUTPUT .3mV @ 3.54 cm/sec- Ruby 2, Ref 2 Silver, L2, new Glider L2 are ideal with 60+dB gain phono stages such as the PP-1, the Phonomena, the Aesthetix Io, and most high-gain tube and solid-state phono stages.

MEDIUM OUTPUT .8mV @ 3.54 cm/sec- Ruby H, Woodbody M2, Glider M2 are ideal with 50+dB gain phono stages, typical of most tube phono stages such as the ARC PH3, CAT, and Conrad-Johnson.

HIGH OUTPUT 2.5mV @ 3.54 cm/sec- the Woodbody H2 and Glider H2 are ideal with moving magnet and 40+dB gain phono stages, typical of tube phono stages such as the Audible Illusions and Cary.

New 2 year warranty All the Series 2 advancements create a synergy exceeding the sum of the parts. Our improved production techniques provide great performance and reliability backed by a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Better definition and transparency from lower moving mass coil Many Series 2 models enjoy a reduction 1/3 or 1/2 the mass of their Swiss hand wound coil. This allows faster response time and even better tracking. Less wire on the coil also provides more accurate high frequency phase response and lower internal impedancefor lower phono stage input impedances and the use of step-up transformers.

Increased dynamics achieved with a new rear pole piece. Featured on ALL Series 2 models, this new rear pole piece increases generator efficiency up to 20%for better musical drive. This new rear pole piece incorporates the locking azimuth/suspension mechanism, allowing the Swiss production staff more fine control in perfectly tensioning the critical suspension adjustment.

Higher output level with increased magnet strength & size. All Series 2 models featuring a cross-coil armature have stronger Hybrid magnets consisting of neodymium, boron and iron. The Ruby 2 and Ruby H feature larger Hybrid magnets by virtue of their non-magnetic Ruby armature, doubling their output voltages without increasing the number of windings on the coil.

New mirror-polished line contact styli. Sourced in Switzerland from Fritz Geiger, the Ruby 2, Ruby H and Ref 2 Silver feature the Dynascan 5 x 120Ám line contact stylus. The new L2, M2 and H2 woodbody cartridges, as well as the Glider L2, M2 and H2, feature a 6 x 40Ám line contact stylus. All are hand mounted at the Benz factory, side-bonded to the laser trimmed edge of a solid boron cantilever for ultra-low tip mass. These new styli are included on ALL Benz re-tips, depending on model and regardless of age or series.

Enhanced tracking using aerospace suspension technology. ALL Series 2 models utilize a soft butyl rubber O-ring damper, custom made in the U.S. for Benz by a high tech company that supplies gaskets and O-rings to the aerospace industry. The O-ring's rounded profile, strength, and resistance to temperature fluctuation provide better consistency and longer life to the cartridge with less wear.

Improved imaging from new azimuth/suspension mechanism Part of the new rear pole piece assembly, this locking mechanism replaces the older bonded system. Critical suspension and azimuth adjustments are easily facilitated during production resulting in channel separation exceeding 35dB, producing a wider and deeper sound stage with greater focus.

Greater signal conductivity with the Ref 2 Silver's new silver coil windings.

Easier and more precise VTA adjustments ALL Series 2 models feature a reduction of vertical tracking angle from 22 to 20 degrees, allowing a more parallel orientation for proper VTA settings. With less "negative" VTA or lowering the back-end of the cartridge, easier VTA settings can be accomplished on a wider variety of tonearms.

Gold plated for lasting beauty Series 2 Gliders feature a new machined aluminum frame, produced by the Swiss Industrial Group (SIG), and 24 karat gold plated.

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