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Dynavectoris highly regarded as a manufacturer of high performance moving coil cartridges and SuperStereo based on advanced theory and unique production technology !

Moving Coil Cartridge
Innovatively designed moving coil cartridges since 1975. The music lover can be guaranteed listening pleasure at any price point. New DRT XV-1s Mono has been released New Karat 17D3 has been released New New 20X H/L has been released

Advanced Design Tone arm
The DV507MKII is a bi-axis, inertia controlled, dynamic balance type tonearm and allows any type of cartridge to trace the signal groove with extreme accuracy. New DV507MKII has been released

Electrical Products
Unique design of the SuperStereo is based on theoretical and practical studies of sound wave propagation. SuperStereo processor and amplifier -- discontinuation at the product Phono enhancer PHA200 -- discontinuation at the product Phono enhancer P-75 Amplifier

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Since Dynavector's MC cartridges first appeared almost 20 years ago, they have enjoyed great success worldwide due to their combination of advanced design and production techniques. During the same period CD arrived and has taken much of market share for music reproduction.

However, many audiophiles soon learnt that digital media left much to be desired. Recently the introduction of new multimedia formats and the dispute over formats such as DVD-Audio and SACD have left consumers confused and holding CD collections with an uncertain future. This along with the heavy commercialization of the digital industry puts at risk our great heritage of recorded music from the last 100 years.

Dynavector decided to fight back in order to protect the vast existing stock of recordings in analogue media, by producing a cartridge capable of musical reproduction above, or at least equal to any digital source.

The magnet circuit comprises 8 small ALNICO magnets.
On the front yokes, magnetic stabilizing coils are wound.

The XV-1cartridge was designed to meet this ambitious brief and has succeeded in providing the finest analogue reproduction possible. Listening to the XV-1 it is evident that here is the finest cartridge in the world. At a glance, the XV-1 is different from all cartridges that have gone before. Its magnetic circuit comprises 8 small ALNICO magnets. The magnetic path is divided into two - In the magnetic gap, a specially designed magnetic flux equalizing piece is placed. On the front yokes, magnetic stabilizing coils are wound. By this special combination, the magnetic field becomes widely homogeneous and more linear than the conventional magnetic design that is common in existing MC cartridges.

Currently the design trend of MC cartridges is to employ stronger and harder magnets. The XV-1 takes the opposite approach. This is the theoretical conclusion of Dynavector. The result? - deeper and more accurate bass, brighter but much smoother treble and better L/R separation. Very low distortion, especially of 3rd harmonics, results in a life-like musicality and ease of reproduction impossible using normal MCs. After hearing the music produced by the XV-1 even 'high-end' CD players sound thin, lacking any real deep bass. This cartridge handles the smooth string note and heavy dynamics of big orchestral works like Prokofiev, Schostakovich, Mahler etc. with unique ease, to bring the full glory of analogue recordings to the listener who wants the very best possible sound from their stock of LP records. PHA-100 derives the high potential ability and performance of DRT XV-1

Analogue is greater than Digital !!


Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua

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The original Te Kaitora cartridge was the result of collaboration between Dynavector Japan and Dynavector New Zealand. The Te Kaitora allowed analogue enthusiasts to embark on a voyage of discovery to the outer limits of vinyl reproduction.

The improved Te Kaitora Rua continues the journey by incorporating many of the newest features of its Dynavector stable-mates, the XV-1s and XX-2. The Te Kaitora Rua has even managed to improve on the original's silk-like treble and openness.

Note: Te Kaitora means "The Discoverer" in the language of the NZ Maori people, Rua, is "the second version". Improvements The wire for the coil has been changed to the PCOCC copper wire from the silver wire. It sounds a much smoother and has a much better musical performance. A titanium headpiece for maximum ridgity along with a miniature stainless steel bolt coupling the front and rear yokes to the magnetic circuit assembly. A 6mm long boron cantilever with the Pathfinder (PF) line contact stylus as used with both Dynavector XV-1s and XX-2. The ingenious square shaped armature and matching square shaped aperture in the front yoke providing much improved linearity in the magnetic flux distribution.


Dynavector XX2 MK2

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The DV XX2MKII is the outstanding result of Dynavectors' continuing research and advanced technology.

The DV XX-1 was the first cartridge to feature a "magnetic flux damper" (patent) and softened magnetism" (patent) processes that reject the magnetic fluctuation that is detrimental to a moving coil cartridges performance.

The The DV XX-2 MKII retains the benefit of the flux damper but features the Alinco-5 magnet and the similar rigid construction to the Te Kaitora Rua. Alnico magnets exhibit high magnetic flux density combining with a low coercive therefore magnetic resistance is lower than other magnetic types such as rare earth and ferrite, providing the exceptional stability of the XX-2 MKII output voltage. There is also the additional advantage of low magnetic and electrical resistance contributing to a discernable improvement in sound quality.

The XX-2MKII also exhibits deep powerful bass, treble is both clear and lively possessing none of the hardness found in many moving coil designs.

The XX-2MKII also features a 6 mm solid boron cantilever fitted with a Pathfinder Line contact stylus. PCOCC (pure copper ohno continuous casting process) copper wire is used for the coil. The output voltage of 0.28mV is higher than that of the XX-2 and 6 ohms impedance are suited to most moving coil phono stages. For ridgity of construction the XX-2 MKII cartridge body is machined from 7075 aluminium the hardest available. However, having only a total weight of only 8.9 grams it is suitable for a variety of popular tonearms.


Dynavector DV17D3 "Karat Diamond"

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The new 17D3 Karat Diamond is the first cartridge built using 'dispersion' theory. Its Micro-Ridge stylus and very short (1.7mm) solid diamond cantilever give a huge reduction in 'frequency dispersion', unmatched dynamics and a high frequency extension all the way up to 100kHz. The latest patented magnet circuit design increases the output to 0.3mV with crystal clear mid-range and treble even during the largest symphonic crescendos.

Features and Improvements

The main change to the new Dynavector 17D3 is an improvement in the design of the front yoke. This appears, on the surface, to be a small difference yet contributes to a greatly improved overall performance justifying a model number change.

The new yoke improves focus in the magnetic circuit and in combination with the flux damping mechanism and softened magnetism (patent) gives accurate sonic qualities leading to a very natural sound. The change has also enabled a useful increase in output to 0.3mV.

The Dynavector Karat is notable for its gemstone cantilever. This 1.7mm long by 0.25mm diameter solid diamond cantilever has its 0.06 square mm stylus mounting hole precision cut by laser. The Micro Ridge Stylus of 0.06 square mm nude diamond is securely and accurately bonded to the cantilever.

The armature of 0.9mm square and 0.4mm thick is much smaller than normal, upon which are wound 60 turns per channel of 12 micron fine wire.

1.7mm length Diamond cantilever is much smaller than conventional cantilever


Dynavector DV-20X L or H

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For more than 30 years Dynavector have established an enviable reputation for producing affordable high quality moving coil cartridges. Notedly high output models that are designed to work with MM inputs negating the necessity for equipment change or the use of setup devices required for low output cartridges.

The stunning performance of the Dynavector high output moving coil cartridges can be attributed to the exclusively Dynavector designed coil winding machine capable of utilizing extremely fine coil wire providing a high output to mass ratio

Features and Improvements DV-20X has a solid aluminium alloy body similar to the XX-2. The cantilever is a 6mm length of hard aluminium pipe with a Micro-Ridge stylus. The magnetic flux damping and softened magnetism along with powerful neodymium magnets gives the 20XH a healthy 2.8 mV output - suitable for most MM inputs. The 20XL has an output of 0.3 mV ideal for most MC phono stages. Both high and low versions of their 20X are available ensure for the optimum end result.

The high output model is most suited to valve preamplifiers or electronics that only offer MM inputs whilst the low output version offers superb performance when combined with dedicated moving coil inputs.


Dynavector DV-10X5
High Output with Aluminium Cantilever

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DV-10X5 had a magnet and headblock upgrade and features the same advanced technology as the 50X mkII above with an improved stylus cantilever assembly giving even greater dynamic performance and larger soundstage.

The Dynavector 10X series High Output Moving Coil cartridge debuted in 1978 winning the prestigious Design and Engineering Award at the Chicago CES in both 1978 and 1981. The 10X series cartridges are also widely accepted at the benchmark in High Output moving coil cartridge at this price point and beyond.

With the introduction of the new 10X5 High Output moving coil there is no doubt Dynavector will retain this enviable position and again set the standard for high output moving coil cartridges.


The 10X5 now features Dynavector's unique magnetic flux damping and softened magnetism (patent) along with powerful Neodymium magnet that combine to eliminate any hardness or irritating edginess that commonly occurs in many moving coil cartridges.

Dynavector are also renowned for the capability of winding the finest coil assemblies. This has enabled them to minutely increase the coil wire diameter of the 10X5 to achieve a reduction of impedance to 150 ohms whilst retaining a healthy 2.5mV output. This also ensures both a rugged and reliable circuitry.

The 10X5 also features a newly designed Aluminium head block to provide a rigid platform for the cartridge motor and secure fixing to the tonearm.






DV-10X5 Mk II

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20XL High Output

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20XL Low Output

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DV17D3 Karat Diamond"

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XX2 MK2(.28mV or .5mV)

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Te Kaitora Rau

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DV XV-1S Mono

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DV-507 mk2 (Tonearm)

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P-75 MK2 (Phonostage MM/MC)

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*Retiping requires return of original for credit and complete cartridge replacement.

Advanced Design Tone arm

P-75 mk2 MM/MC Phono Amplifier

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