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Impact miniImpact-Mini 6.5" Subwoofer

Impact-Mini High Performance, High Value Subwoofer


With the Impact-Mini you get amazing bass in a tiny cabinet that is almost the same size as the MiniVee-8, but at a very budget-friendly price. This engineering marvel is lightweight with an aluminum cone, furniture-quality cabinet finish and concentrates its 300 watts of output power in the 38 Hz to 140 Hz range. This is Velodyne's lightest weight subwoofer and includes an adjustable low pass crossover frequency so you can easily match the Impact-Mini to your satellite speakers.


  • Compact, stylish cabinet; high-value subwoofer
  • 6.5" active and 8" passive andonized aluminum woofers
  • High quality, long throw drivers
  • 2" copper-wound voice coil for exceptional reliability
  • Down-firing bass radiator for more output, less distortion
  • “Green” MDP amp rated at 300 watts Dynamic power

Impact-10 10" Subwoofer

10" black ash vinyl w/ gloss trim, 120V.

Impact miniImpact-10 High Performance, High Value Subwoofer

With the down-firing port on the Impact-10, you get more bass output with less distortion than other companies' subwoofers that cost about the same. With its 250 Watts of amplifier power generating bass in the 32 Hz to 140 Hz spectrum, you get powerful output even in our entry-level subwoofer. Using the adjustable low-pass crossover frequency feature, you can blend the Impact-10 with your home theater satellites, gaming system or music speakers. The Impact-10's attractive black ash wood grain colored cabinet with black gloss trim complements your decor.


  • Compact, stylish cabinet; high-value subwoofer
  • 10" forward firing coated fiber woofer
  • Down-firing port minimizes distortion
  • 2" copper-wound voice coils for exceptional reliability
  • “Green” MDP amp rated at 250 watts Dynamic power

MiniVee 8" Subwoofer

Charcoal Pica, 117V


Small High-Technology Subwoofers

This compact sub is one of the best for music/2.1 systems. This 8" woofer sub has a 95% efficient, 2000 Watt Class D amplifier, that gives you fantastic sounding bass from 28 Hz–120 Hz. Dynamic Drive Control System, Kevlar-reinforced driver cone, selectable phase and adjustable low pass crossover deliver power and add precision to your low frequencies in a small footprint that can go just about anywhere your heart desires.


  • Tiny cabinet dimensions; superb size-performance ratio
  • 8" Kevlar-reinforced forward firing cone for powerful, clear bass
  • “Green” 1000 watt RMS/2000 watt Dynamic amp
  • Reliable, patented Energy Recovery System amp
  • Massive magnet structure for high output, low distortion


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