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Creek 4330&4330R
Integrated Amplifier

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Creek 4330

"The best sounding amplifier you can buy for under $1000...

The resolution of low level detail is almost staggering - not far short of the very best I've heard at any price and beating out in my opinion such amps as the Musical Fidelity A2, the Audiolab l000s and the Bryston B60....

You get very good spatial reproduction... plus a very fine Harmanic presentation...

The amp sounds fast, clean clear and open...

The Creek 4330 is almost as good as it gets at any price with solid state...

PERFORMANCE FOR THE PRICE: that's what makes the Creek such a breakthrough product.

How good is the Creek 4330R? DEVASTATINGLY GOOD! What makes it devastating is that many far more expensive solid state amplifiers don't sound anywhere near as clean, open and expressive. "

Sam Tellig
Stereophile, October 1997

The 4330 is the latest entry level integrated amplifier from the Creek stable. The essence of the design is to eliminate any unnecessary frills that might corrupt the sound quality and concentrate instead on producing a product that is unashamedly minimalistic. The highest possible performance created from the simplest possible design was the brief.

Ultimate sound quality in a small package was the imperative for this design. Its lineage is from the critically acclaimed 4240SE, a highly successful product, and the result of developments to the long established 4240. With a range of other products in the new 43 series that bear the same cosmetics as the 4330, a truly amazing system can be constructed for very little money. The simplicity of the front panel belies the wealth of detail inside. This new design really is for the millennium and beyond. It will stand the test of time like few other products in its price range.

Under the cover lies some of the most amazing circuitry yet used by Creek. With a continuous output of 40W/8ohm and a prodigious 19.5 Amp current reserve, a massive 370 Watts dynamic peak output is available into a 1 ohm load. This ability to control very difficult speaker loads, combined with incredibly low Harmanic distortion and background noise, makes it a class leader in all respects.4330 Interior

To achieve these impressive figures, Creek engineers further developed the 42 series amplifier, vastly increasing the speed of the drive circuitry and replacing the previous output current limiting circuitry with one that's more benign. The custom 'Creek' high current MOS-FET output and drive circuitry has been freed to show what it's really made of. Improvements to the performance and sensitivity of the power amp circuitry have allowed the Pre-amp, previously used in the 4240 to be eliminated.

Powering all this new work is the piece de resistance . A massive 120 VA toroidal transformer feeds a high current bridge rectifier and multiple reservoir capacitors totaling 20,000 uF. Using multiple capacitors, amazing reductions in power supply impedance and unwanted inductance can be achieved at no extra cost, vastly improving the performance. Creek may not be the first to exploit this technique, but is still very rare and possibly only found in truly esoteric designs. In common with all other Creek amplifiers, DC coupling from input to output and sophisticated electronic servo control of the output voltage allows the 4330 to operate without sound corrupting capacitors in the signal path. This technique is very unusual in such a low priced product. All the new Creek amps are equipped with new 'Euro friendly' binding posts, that accept all 'legal' types of speaker wire terminations.

For vinyl enthusiasts, Creek can supply a range of plug-in modules that match MM and MC cartridges. This facility is augmented with an optional plug-in Pre-amp stage for those who really require very high input sensitivity.

Not content with improving the product in all sonic and technical respects Creek have now developed a remote control volume option that uses a motorized potentiometer and a muting relay, so as not to corrupt the signal path in any way. During the time the remote control circuitry is not in use it is designed to send its micro controller to sleep, reducing any potential for sonic degradation to a minimum.

The conclusion of all this work means that Creek products now represent better value for money than ever before.


Power Output (both channels) 40 Watts into 8 ohms
Power Output (one channel) 65 Watts into 4 ohms
Maximum current (5mS for 3% THD) 19.5A
Total Harmanic Distortion <0.05% 20 Hz to 20kHz
Frequency Response 3 Hz to 25kHz -1dB
Power Amp Slew Rate > 40 V per uS
Input Sensitivity (passive line) 350 mV for 40 Watts
Signal to Noise Ratio (A weighted @ 2/3 power) > 100 dB
Separation (line input @ 1kHz) > 60 dB
Plug-in MM and MC circuit
MM sensitivity and impedance 3.5 mV @ 47 k ohms
MC sensitivity 0.75 mV @ 1 k ohms
MM Signal to Noise Ratio > 70 dB
Power Consumption at idle 40 Watts
Power consumption at Full Power 200 Watts
Weight 4.5 Kgs 10 lbs
Size 42 x 6 x 23 cm, 16fi x 2/ x 9"

Creek Audio Limited reserves the right to modify or change the specifications of its products at any time without notice.

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