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Music Hall Electronics evolved after a trip to China in 2001. The factory that makes them is a small family owned business run by an ex-physics teacher. The first product was the CD-25, a derivative of an existing CD player in their range. It was followed by the Maverick SACD player, the Mambo ‘Class A’ integrated amp and the Maven high-end, 2-channel receiver. The latter was brought to market because most high-end manufacturers had converted their receivers to multi-channel leaving us 2-channel lovers bereft.

The latest items in the range are the CD25.2 CD player. This replaces the CD-25. It features a Burr-Brown PCM 1738 24-bit/192kHz DAC, better op-amps and improved power supply. It is joined by the A25.2 which is a remote controlled 50 wpc. stereo integrated amp. It has 4 inputs and a tape loop. Both are pieces are inexpensive and sound amazing.

Music Hall is a company dedicated to importing and distributing extremely well priced, top quality, high-end audio components. Roy Hall, an expatriate Scotsman, founded it in April 1985. Its purpose is to bring the finest budget audiophile products to the American market. The first product distributed, the famous Revolver turntable (now sadly gone), was one of the best inexpensive turntables on the market.

Music Hall has developed it’s own brand of turntables, ranging from the MMF-2.1, the MMF-5, the MMF-7 and the recently introduced MMF-9. Custom made in the Czech Republic, these turntables have developed an enormous following as they represent amazing quality and value. They are 2-speed belt driven turntables and come fully equipped with a high quality Goldring PHONO cartridge and an adjustable arm.

Music Hall Turntables have received universal claim for their musicality, well thought out design and value for money. They have consistently received rave reviews from top reviewers in Europe and the US, most noticeably "Stereophile’s recommended components for Year 2000-2002

Other products distributed by Music Hall are Creek Electronics, Epos Speakers, Goldring PHONO Cartridges, QR Design Ringmat, turntable mats and Statmat, anti-static CD mat and Hunt EDA Carbon Fiber Record Cleaning Brushes. Music Hall is constantly searching the world markets for new and exciting products.

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