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A Letter From Mike Sanders

As the founder and owner of Quicksilver Audio I am first and foremost a music lover. I believe the equipment should serve and honor the music, conveying the emotion of the experience to the listener.

Simplicity is my approach to all engineering at Quicksilver Audio. For 35 years I have been involved in the audio industry, intent on reproducing music in its clearest form. By the time I founded Quicksilver Audio, I realized the fewer parts, connections, and wires that the signal goes through, the more the essence of the music comes through. This also makes great audio gear affordable and reliable.

Adjustments that are simple to use are also characteristic of Quicksilver Audio products. Some of our current amplifiers come with built-in meters to check and adjust bias, and the others are self-biasing.

Each part we use is chosen for the specific application from the best quality parts available. We then hand wire our amplifiers to obtain the highest sound quality and to maintain the build quality that Quicksilver is known for throughout the world. Quicksilver Audio's transformers are custom built to my specifications. I personally check each amp and preamp before it leaves the factory to insure correct operation and so that you, our customer, will enjoy your Quicksilver Audio product for many years to come.

Our testing facility includes:
two Brel & Kjaer 2033 High Resolution Signal Analyzers, Hewlett-Packard 3580 Spectrum Analyzer, Sound Technology Harmanic and Intermodulation Distortion Analyzer, three Tektronics Oscilloscopes, Hewlett-Packard Harmanic Distortion Analyzer, Panasonic Low Distortion Oscillator, three Wavetek Function generators, two Tektronics 570 Tube Curve Tracers, Tektronics Transistor Curve Tracer, three custom-made Tube Burn-in Machines for burning-in and DC matching power output tubes, General Radio Pink Noise Generator, Audio Control Third Octave Realtime Analyzer, Communications Corporation Third Octave Realtime Analyzer, two Brel & Kjaer 4133 Microphones, and 2619 Microphone Preamps.

At Quicksilver Audio we have the knowledge and the equipment to ensure that all our audio gear is working optimally. This provides a solid foundation for the reproduction of music. From there we go on to the Quicksilver Experience.

Yours truly,
Mike Sanders
President Quicksilver


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