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CA4.4PI Four Zone, Four Source Central Controller/Amplifier
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Russound's CA4.4pi is an easy-to-install and operate integrated distribution amplifier capable of playing up to four different sources independently to as many as four rooms. It also includes the added features of pre-amp outputs, telephone mute control, door-bell mute control and a 12 volt trigger. It can also expand to several zones by using the IR link adapter.

Each zone amplifier is controlled from a simple and elegant keypad and can select and operate one of four source components. The in-wall keypad's four green LEDs provide visual confirmation of the selected source. A red LED confirms an IR command from the hand-held remote. Using a source remote, the built-in IR sensor allows total control of most products. Each keypad can control the source input, room volume, on /off, and receive IR source commands. Another feature to gain further flexibility is adding the CA LRN. This optional piece stores IR commands and provides remote activation of virtually any IR-controlled device connected to the system. Simple-to-connect, and with no additional wiring, the CA LRN easily adds convenience to a new or existing system. Simple programming stores most equipment source IR commands in the CA LRN's control layers. Up to 48 different IR commands can be easily programmed into its 4 control layers, and the CA LRN can execute those commands and operate as many as 4 source components via its 12 command keys.

The CA4.4 is as simple to install as it is to operate. The keypads connect using an eight conductor wire called CAT 5 cable. Source components connect using standard RCA interconnects. There are four inputs for your audio components. The IR emitter outputs allow the built-in IR receiver to repeat the commands to your source components.


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