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As of April 30th 2015 Soundscape is now an entirely on-line store.

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We are Proud to be recognized as a

Profesional Audio Retailer Accosciation


In 2012 GENESIS TECHNOLOGY sent out a customer survey.
Nearly 800 questionnaires were sent out to old and new Genesis customers,
and 50 were filled in during CES in Las Vegas.
One question asked: "Name one GREAT retailer that you trust and would buy from".

The winner - Audio Limits! Second and third place were Lyric and Soundscape respectively.

We are proud to be ranked among the very BEST Audio Dealers in the USA!



We've were voted by the readers of the Bohemian Newspaper

The Best Audio/Video Dealer

Voted Best in the North Bay three years in a row
then they stopped!

We've been recognized by Home Theater Magazine as a
Home Theater Distinguished Dealer!

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Consumer Warning!
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This is a warning to all Internet users. Because of the huge amount of consumer fraud that is occurring daily - avoid unauthorized dealer sites. A good example of a corporate consumer warning is at Parasound.

Our service department is warranty for many lines (some we no longer offer), and has gotten several notices from companies as; AR, Denon, Harman/Kardon, Klipsch, McCormack, NHT, Onkyo, Quicksilver, Yamaha and others indicating that these factories will not pay for any service of equipment purchased through any source other than a factory authorized dealer.

This is a serious issue and one most consumers are not aware of. Regrettably, asking the dealer isn't enough. The consumer is responsible for verifying that they are buying from an authorized dealer. That means either checking the individual factory web sites or calling the factories yourself. There are numerous well advertised sites that are not authorized by the respective factories to sell many of the products they offer for sale. PLEASE BE Careful.


Any and all information supplied to Soundscape will be held in strictest confidence.
We DO NOT sell or share this information with ANYONE.

The Soundscape Difference

You're invited to experience a truly unique AUDIO/VIDEO store. If you're considering upgrading your old audio/video system or starting a new one from scratch, please contact me and let my 46+ years of experience work for you. I promise personal attention, honest advice and competitive prices. I look forward to hearing from you.
Call me at 1-707-578-4434
Marc Silver
President/General Manager

Last Update: July 18, 2015

Marc Silver
President/General Manager

If you don't see it... ASK! We carry many small items which are not listed. Also, though we work on updates daily (as time permits), we know that our pages are never completely up to date. If you find an error please accept our apologies, and please let us know!

We also leave old pages of discontinued merchandise as they contain valuable information that would be otherwise unavailable.

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If your considering installing any audio/video gear in your home,
read this article for help!

Whole House Wiring Guide & Custom Installation Article

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The History of Television Technology

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Speakers (Conventional): Definitive Technologym, Earthquake, Epos, KEF, Klipsch, Martin Logan, Nola, Paradigm, Parasound, Phase Technology, Polk LSi, Swan, Usher, Wharfedale, FAQs about speakers

Speakers (Esoteric): Genesis Advanced Technology, Klipsch, Martin Logan, Nola, Paradigm, Phase Technology, Swan by HiVi, Usher

Subwoofers: Definitive Technology, Earthquake, Genesis Advanced Technology, Martin Logan, Nola, Paradigm, Velodyne

Solid State Electronics: Adcom, B&K, Creek, Denon, Esoteric by Teac, Marantz, McIntosh, McCormack, Parasound, Pioneer, Roksan, Sherwood, Vincent, Wadia, Yamaha

Tube Electronics: McIntosh, Pacific Creek, Rogue, Quicksilver

Analog Electronics: AudioTechnica, Benz-Micro, Clear Audio, Decca, Denon, Dynavector, Grado, Goldring, Hanns Turntables, Music Hall, Ortofon, Parasound Phono Stage, Philips, Pro-Ject, Roksan, Stanton, Quicksilver, Sherwood, Sumiko, Thorens, Whest, TURNTABLES, ULTIMATE RECORD CLEANER

Digital Electronics: Denon, DVDO, Esoteric by Teac, McCormack, MSB Technology, Parasound, Pioneer Elite, Roksan, Sherwood, Thorens, Wadia

HDTV:  Video: Draper Screens, Plasma HDTV Technology, Hitachi, Plasma Displays, Samsung, Vutec

Plasma/LCD Displays:C-Ceed 201-inch LED display, Plasma Frames, Chief Plasma Frames,Samsung, Sharp, Sony Plasma Displays, Video Line Doublers, Plasma Overview,
Hide your Plasma or LCD TV Monitor
, Audio Solutions, Sound beyond the Bar

Cooling Solutions: Active Thermal Management, FATCAT

Video: Chief Plasma/LCD Frames, Dalite, Denon, Draper Screens, DVDO, Plasma Flat Screen TV

ProSound/Disco & Lighting : AudioTechnica, FATCAT, Nady, Ortofon, Parasound, Stanton

Cables: Apature, Ethereal, Illuminati, Kimber Kable, Monster Cable, Nola, Nordost, Tara Labs, XLO

Power Conditioners: Monster Power, Panamax, Pure AV, Richard Gray Power Company, Tara Labs

Stands and Racks: BDI, Bell'o, FATCAT, Haropa, Lovan, Plasma & LCD Mounts, Sanus, Salamander, Sonus, Studio Tech, Target, VTI

Custom Installation/Security :Active Thermal Management, FATCAT, NuVo, Parasound, Plasma & LCD Mounts, Russound, Sonance, Stereostone, Terk, Xantech

Headphones & Accessories:
Active Thermal Management, Analog Expert, Audio-Technica, FATCAT, Grado, Monster Power, Nordost, Panamax, Pioneer, Plasma & LCD Mounts, Sennheiser, Terk, Thorens,

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Gallery of Unique Audio+Video
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California Contractors License #:606648
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